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Enter the article content in this field. An article content is shown when we open an article. The HTML editor that is used for editing this field is the editor that is set as the default editor in DNN.
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Gallery Panel Here you can add a gallery and images in the article. The Select images and Start upload images buttons will show up after clicking the Add gallery button. By clicking the Select images button you can choose images from your computer and then upload them by clicking the Start upload button. After the upload, a list of the added images will be shown in this panel.

Documents Here you can add documents in articles. Documents added in this way will be shown at the bottom of the article in a document box. By using tokens they can be added directly in the article summary or article content. If you wish to add new documents, choose the Upload new documents option, click on the “Select documents” button and at the end click on the Upload button to upload documents in an article. If you wish to add existing documents then select the option Add existing document, type the beginning of an article title in the “Search document” and choose a document. Click on the Add button. After adding a document, a list of the added documents will be shown in this panel.

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